Bug Drawer Bugging

So today I went down the street in the afternoon to get some food with a friend of mine. The restaurant we went to has a big courtyard and you can sit outside and stuff which is cool. It's the kind of place where the furniture is like old and mismatched. Some of it is like old cracked wood you can carve into and stuff like that.

Anyway, I'm sitting having a beer and looking at these people sitting across the way at a another table. Their table is like an old wooden desk really with drawers and stuff. I see the guy sitting there open up one of the drawers and then kind of shudderflinch and shut it really fast. He looked a little shaken up. Soon after they left. I was like what the dillyo? What was in the drawer? Something was in there and it freaked the guy out!

Right after they left I go to the table and open it up the drawer (of course I had to know). And I see that the drawer is loaded with live bugs. Beetles or roaches or something. Dozens. I shut the drawer just like that guy did. It was totally gross. In the restaurants defense the table was outside so I guess controlling bugs is more difficult out there. But whatever. Ew! I was totally grossed out. It was like one of those images that get burned into the brain right away. Anyway, I decided I was gonna tell the waitress about their bug drawer. I call her over and tell her that drawer over there is filled with bugs. She's like, 'What?' I point over and am like, 'That drawer. At that table. Where people eat. Is loaded with bugs.'

She walked over to the table and I saw her reach out to open the drawer- then she thought twice about it and wandered off without opening it. I guess she decided to take my word for it and go call for backup. Gross.

ok bye!


PS. Here's one picture. I didn't go out much this past week to finish stuff for the site- but I took this one of the WTC beams from my fire escape: