Jamming Subway Perv

So I'm a public music jammer. I sing along to music in public. While driving a car I go kinda nuts. Singing real loud even though I can't hold a note. When I walk around with headphones I'm pretty shameless too. I'll sing in the street (not as loud as in the car) but I'll bob my head and totally dork out playing air guitar. I don't care anymore about looking stupid in front of people (thus still single). At some point I kinda stopped caring what strangers think.

Anyway today I was on the subway sitting with my headphones on listening to stuff and doing this air guitar strumming move (not singing. i mercifully don't sing on the subway). But I'm jamming out some fairly noticeable strums pretending I have a guitar pick in hand and all that.  I was sort of looking around at people while I was doing my air guitar performance and noticed I was getting a couple of weird looks. I went into my resentful I don't care if people think I'm weird thing and kept strumming along. The woman across the way kept looking up from her paper then looking back down. I was like, 'WTF?! Ain't these people seen a jammer before?' But something was weird...

I look down at myself midstrum and notice why people are staring. It doesn't necessarily look like I'm air guitar strumming. My hand is sort of cupped and I see that I've been 'strumming' up and down over my lower belly/crotch area! So it didn't look so much like I was playing air guitar. It looked more like air...  doing something else totally. I immediately stopped and felt like a total weirdo perv.  No wonder I was catching stares! Jeez louise! How long have I been doing that move on the subway?!

Yeah I know I mentioned before that I don't care what strangers think. I'd like to amend that to... I don't care what strangers think... as long as they don't think I'm a total weirdo perv..

ok bye!