Best Tuna of All Tuna Contest Update

Ok I said that I would report in by today declaring which tuna is the Best Tuna of all Tuna, but I have to admit I haven't tried all the tuna people sent in- so there's no winner yet. I went into a bit o tuna burnout. I'll keep eating them and will make an announcement soonish I think. Also I messed up by not taking tuna notes so far which is bad because I have no short term memory (even though I keep forgetting I don't apparently). The fair official way probably should have been me making ALL the tuna at once and done a personal tuna taste test contest one by one but I think that would be too tuna mental too.

Anyway, the verdict right now is.. I dunno yet. There's alot of interesting tuna to try so I'm hoping one strikes me as over the top delicious and that would be the winner. But it'll be a while.

THANK YOU thank you to all the people who have sent in tuna! Here's some photos and stuff. Thanks again to all tuna providers!

Let's start with the super fantastic most excellente tuna fan... Julie Anne:

Onto more tuna providers!

Sorry I can't seem to find the note that went with this jerky. I tried it right away. It wasn't my cup of jerky...

That's it for now. If I didn't post your tuna I'm sorry bout that. I got really disorganized with the tuna and ate some too...

ok bye!