Helicopter Rumblings and Corporate Shenanigans

So for the past few days there's been military helicopters flying around town. They fly really low and they're really loud. I've tried to get a picture of them as they go by but I'm always too slow.  They look like they're in this family of this style helicopter and sometimes they travel in packs.

It's sort of weird because I'll be sitting at my computer and I'll hear this rumbling noise. It'll get louder and louder and I'll forget what makes the noise. I'll have a brain-glimmer of, 'Uh oh spaghettio. Is this it? The big one? Should I go put on my bike helmet?' Then it's thankfully just a pack of helicopters. Not sure why they're around and where they're coming from but there sure have been alot of em lately. Unless it's like a transport thing I really can't imagine what purpose a pack of helicopters might have flying over Brooklyn.  But they're around now. For better or worse.

On an unrelated note, I was out to dinner with some friends last night. He works for a major corporation type dealio and he was telling me about how he went for a 'free cholesterol screening' that the company offered.  He gave blood and there was like a seminar session after. The speaker was a rep from Pfizer and in the seminar they promoted the pfizer drug 'Lipitor' and mentioned erectile dysfunction alot.  It just sort of bugs me when there's that weird corporate mix it up.  Like they're pretending to do something nice but there's something else going on behind the scenes. Favors or sneaky marketing tactics. Also makes me distrust where the blood goes too.

It reminds me of like when I worked at Hearst and the head of HR would come around once a year and personally hand out requests individually to all employees for donations to the United Way. I didn't see this woman all year, but when it was time to collect for United Way, something got her to get off her friggin ass and make sure she raked it in for the charity. I remember her smiling face saying, 'Even if you don't want to donate I still need the envelope back... just so I know you've decided not to donate.' Like, '... just so I can make a note if you're a cheap f**ker.' What kind of crap was that? I don't like it! I don't like it!

If anyone knows how stuff works behind the scenes on that corporate-to-corporate promo level please write in. Money exchanged? Back scratching exchange? Kickbacks? How's it work?

I'd like to post some stuff about it. Anonymity assured.

ok bye!