Burlesque Girls and Senator Chuck Schumer

So today I wandered out to what's called the Atlantic Antic which is a street festival down Atlantic Avenue here in Brooklyn. And I took alot of pictures but most of em didn't come out so good so I trimmed it down to just these coolio burlesque girl sisters called the Pontani Sisters and Senator Chuck Schumer who walked the Antic. So here ya go. Let's start with Chuck:

Here goes Senator Chuck explaining something to someone or something.

Senator Chuck is like making a goofy face here. He was either agreeing or disagreeing.

Now Chuck is like feeling pretty good about himself. The assistant guy next to him is too. He's like 'This is gonna look stellar on my resume.'

Whenever I get this close to public figures I can't think of any questions. All I can think about is like if I tackled Chuck or punched him in the face I could make local or even national news lickity split depending on the level of offense/assault.

This guy was sporting a rainbow wig (can you tell it's a rug?) but enough of him. Time for some burlesque girls!

Here are the Pontani Sisters. Gotta like em. One is a Dean-o fan. One is a Sammy fan. And one is a Frank fan.

Here they are putting their arms in the air. You can't not watch something like this.

Here's what their legs looked like. That girl in the background is pouring beer and digging the Pontani Sisters.

Here they are shaking their boobs. Which was fun to see.  Frank is liking it too.

Here they go being all synchronized and stuff. They went really well with beer!

Sammy is like, 'Yeah babe, I like these Pontani sisters, man. They're the real deal, bubbalah!'

Yeah the Pontani Sisters got some ink too! I'm digging it. What's not to like? Look at their feather butts! The background girl is like yelling, 'Who wants a beer?!' I was like, 'I do! I do!'

Sisters are doing it for themselves. They had big things on the heads and they danced for us. Go Brooklyn!

And there they go! Yeah! Let's here it for the Pontani Sisters! Woo! WOO! WOOOO!

ok bye!