Grape Nuts Confusion

So the other day I was in the supermarket looking for a new cereal. I bought Honeycomb recently but didn't dig it all that much. It has a big big bite.. that I wasn't so crazy about. I'm sort of burnt out on Fruity Pebbles and bored of Raisin Bran. I'm over Golden Grahams and Frosted Flakes mushiness is all of a sudden not making me happy. Apple Jacks and Froot Loops are permanently backburnered. I think Shredded Wheat and Frosted Shredded Wheat have weird texture and are too stringy. Mueslix was a quick in and out affair. Crunchberries make me mental. Honey Nut Cheerios is soooo 1989 and Oreo Cookie Cereal is insanity.

So I looked at the Grape Nuts. It seems weird but I never had Grape Nuts before. Not once that I can remember. For some reason I thought, 'Hey! I'm an adult now, right? Right! And maybe I've been missing out on Grape Nuts for too long. Maybe Grape Nuts! They look sort of interesting. Differentish.' I took the box off the shelf and looked at it. It looked kind of healthy. I pulled a box of cocoa krispies off the shelf and looked at it. It didn't look so healthy. I threw Grape Nuts in the bin and headed home.

Last night I'm watching the tv and I decided to give those Grape Nuts a day in court. I opened up the box (and struggle with the dumb plastic bag inside. The plastic bag that holds the cereal are now way annoying! It doesn't rip right! It gets all ripped crooked sometimes and then the cereal spills out the side and it's frickin annoying! Doesn't anyone over there in cerealland know that everything should be easy open now! Don't they know this rips wrong?!) Anyway, I pour the grape nuts in a bowl and look at them. They don't look so exciting. They're just sitting there all dull. Like gerbil food or something. I had some doubts about the grape nuts but poured the milk and went back to the couch.

One bite and it was totally over forever for me and grape nuts! No bananas or strawberries or anything is saving this cereal! It's all gritty and pebbly with no flavor! How can people like them? WTF? Am I missing the point? Is it me? What's to like? Why have they been around for so long? Why should grape nuts be able to stick around forever while Mr. T cereal is gone!?

I don't get it. If you like Grape Nuts please post and explain why here.

ok bye!