Microsoft's Killer App

So for weeks now Windows Service Pack 2 has been trying to worm its way onto my computer. Once every few days the little Windows update icon would remind me and ask me if I wanted to install it. I'd uncheck it and click cancel. I heard some bad things about SP2 and decided to boycott it. My computer has been feeling a little wobbily and wheezy lately and I was scared of any weirdo installs. (Of course, that didn't get me to backup often but I think I got most of the big stuff. I do have a backup slave drive in there and I pray that my most recent stuff is and hanging out there. Fingers crossed. I'll find out soon.) I'm working off my ancient 10lb laptop right now. Message to all: Backup Now!

Anyway, SP2 wasn't invited to join my computer. I don't even know what a Service Pack is but I just heard that SP2 is supposed to be buggy. So I avoided it. Over and over Microsoft would try and force it on me. And over and over again I'd tell it not to install. But it just kept coming. Then yesterday ...I saw it install. I didn't approve of it! I didn't even see it start! It just was happening and then it was done. I was pissed. My computer wanted to know if I wanted to restart and I said no. Then it asked me over and over and over if I wanted to restart. Finally I gave in. I restarted.

That was the last time I saw my hard drive. Blue screens from then on no matter what. "Unmountable_Boot_Volume" it says. I called Dell and they confirmed that the hard drive is dead by having me do some tests and stuff.  They told me I was still under contract and that they would be sending someone out on Tuesday to replace it which was cool.

(By the way, while I was going through the motions with Dell they asked me to write down a 'reference number'. I never write down reference numbers. I always figure when push comes to shove they could find my friggin reference number if I need it. I always do this fake out like I'm actually writing down the numbers. Meanwhile in this case that was a bad call because I got transferred somewhere to set up the appointment and the first question was 'What's the reference number?' I was like, 'Umm... I dunno...' That bought me like 25 minutes of on and off hold time. Bad call.)

Anyway, that's that for my hard drive. In all my years I've never had a crash that severe. I know Service Pack 2 killed it. But why? I'm thinking maybe Microsoft got pissed at me for not following their direct order to install it in the first place. Maybe they decided I needed to be punished for being a SP2 rebel. Maybe they sent out a technohitman killer app thru the wires to tell my hard drive that 1+1 is no longer 2. That it's now 3. Just to teach me a lesson... 

Microsoft bastages.

ok bye!


here's a pic!