Quest for the Best Tuna of All Tuna Announced!

Well I've eaten up alot of tuna over the past couple months. Some were good. Some just ok. Some were gross and fishy. Some had a weird texture. Some came in a pouch. Some a can. One in a glass jar. Some in water. Some in oil. Some with flavoring. Garlic or herbs. Some chunk. Some white. Some tasted like gross catfood. Some was too hard and crumbly. Some too mushy and goopy. One had a hard thing in it. An immediate disqualification. I boycotted BumbleBee. Anyway, I'm done with tuna for a while I think. Totally burnt out on the stuff.

For a while Star Kist Albacore in water in the pouch was in the lead. Somehow this tuna really worked for me. I liked the pouch thing. The tuna was flavor and texture was good. It stood above the other tunas. But recently I tried a new tuna. And when all was said and done this tuna topped StarKist. 

The texture of the tuna was right for me. In the can it looked like a piece of tuna and not too processed. It wasn't fishy smelly at all. I ate it with crackers and a pickle and it was good.  It complimented my cool ranch doritos nicely. And in the first few bites I really felt like I had a clear winner. This tuna was way friggin good.

(In reality, I'll probably go in on the StarKist pouch on a regular basis because the winning tuna is kinda pricey and not available around here. So Charlie the Tuna will get the nod, pulled off the bench for regular tuna rotation round here.)

But fair is fair and one tuna was the best.  This tuna is a family owned business and they seem to be good with the environment so that's was extra coolio too...

So at last! Below you can click and view the winner in all its glory! 

The Best Tuna of All Tuna! (the solid white albacore, lightly salted)

ok bye!


PS. Great thanks to the person who sent it in!