Goatee Guy Experience

So I usually shave like once every four or five days. If I shave everyday or even every other day I break out in this red rash under my neck which is really annoying and I bleed all over the place. So every four or so days is fine with me. When I was working, I used to buy the Mach III razor which I liked alot but it's frickin like $20 for a bunch of razors so screw that! I use the Bic Metal now. I like the metal. I don't know why. Anyway, a few days ago I go in the shower to shave and decide I'm gonna shave myself a goatee. So I start shaving the sides and working my way in. The first thing I noticed while shaving is that the hair on my face seems to be getting higher on my cheeks. Like closer to my eyes. Like wolfman. I don't like that. What's to like? Finally I get down to the goatee part and I get confused. How close in on the sides should I shave it? How bout under the chin? How far under does it go? Do I round it off or is it more square or what? Then I wasn't sure if it was even on both sides. Was it crooked? And what about on my chin. Do I shave like a line or leave it full? I must have played with it for like ten minutes or so.

I get out of the shower and thought I actually looked kind of cool. It was sort of a new experience for me because in the past bunch of years. The only way I could change my 'look' was by getting new glasses or shaving my sideburns an inch lower or higher. When you're balding it's either short or shorter no 'new hairstyle'. I mean unless I want to go comb over. And I don't. Anyway I walked around all day with my goatee thinking to myself, 'Here I am with my goatee. Walking around town. Goatee guy. That's me.' 

Later on I saw a friend of mine and she didn't say anything about my goatee until I pointed it out. I never know what that means when someone avoids something like that. Do they want to pretend it's such a subtle change that they don't notice? Or do they really not notice? Or do they not like it and want to avoid the subject? 

Anyway, I take a look at myself today and have like the four-day growth thing going on and realize the goatee thang don't look so good. Seems to me that if you really want to do the goatee look you gotta do the maintenance thing big time. Daily shaving and fine tuning and all that. Needless to say off went the goatee. I realize that if I'm going to look like a lazy guy with the scruff I might as well not have to worry about maintenance. But if anyone has any advice for getting rid of those red bumps though that would be great. It actually is an issue on the very off-chance that I might actually have to shave two days in a row.

ok bye!


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