Buncho Photos!

Here's a picture of a wall I done saw downtown somewheres. Not sure what's goin on there.

Is there any other kind of school zone?

Wet paint in the subway

This was the eclipse a few days back. My camera isn't exactly highpowered...

Trick or treating with nephew. I'd ask him who he's dressed up as and he'd say, 'Spiderman.'

(I have other trick or treat photos but they got other people's kids in em and I don't wanna post em)

Train I got on after it stopped and headed back to the city for halloweening...

Here's some turbine or something I saw down through a sewer grate. It was huge like an airplane engine or something.

Here's the bar I was in on halloween night. Everyone was in costume. I hope.

There was a firebreather...


That's gotta be some sort of violation.

Two stormtroopers one non-stormtrooper...

Worst Halloween Costume Winner 2004

Best Halloween Costume Winners 2004!!!

How much is that Go Go in the window?..

Thanks to Molly (supermep) and Bill (seen here in robe) for being so coolio and excellent!

They marched in the halloween parade and invited me to join em out for a drink or two at the Cutting Room bar....


ok bye!