Vacation Rethinked

So I was thinking about going away on a vacation and stuff  (i posted something dopey about it a few weeks back) and I finally realized what I really need a vacation from... 

My computer. 

I just need a little break from my computer as I sit in front of it by myself in my apartment most of time. Day and night. I love my computer and I don't want to hurt its (her? his?) feelings (forgive me, computer) but I just need a little 'Me' time. I just sit here for way too much. My computer is crowding me. Communication, work, email, website, videogames, poking around, this and that, other things. My computer calls to me always. I think that's what fried my brain a bit. Flying away somewhere seemed like a good solution (sort of like a self-imposed compu-rehab) but considering the lack of monay and not really sure where I wanted to go and not that enthusiastic about anywhere in particular--  I've decided on a vacation destination... New York City.

So starting next Wednesday (11/10) thru Sunday I plan to get away from the computer and travel around in New York City taking pictures of weird stuff and looking at things that I've never seen. (at least that's the plan right now. I'm not a great planner.) When I get home from my vacation outings I will try my best to resist going on the computer and checking email and stuff. I'll unplug it. (forgive me, computer) I'm also going to try and read one book which was another big appeal of going away in the first place. I barely read now. Not sure if this is going to work (doubt it) but I'm gonna give it a shot. Just sort of a brainiacal purification from 1010101010101 thoughts.

I heard from people that there's actually alot of stuff in nyc and I barely travel outside a four block radius so this should be fun. Plus I don't have to pack or schlep or spend monay all dumb. And I can bring a friend along if they're around, plus (bonus!) not be stuck with them and annoyed out of my mind after a couple days.

As for my previous postings about the vacation and monay and stuff I deleted them from What's Happening. I didn't like them. I understand why my attitude made some people upset and if you were pissed off by them, I understand why and apologize.

So that's what I've decided for now. I'll give ya a heads up when I head off and plan to come back with lots of pictures! Plus I gotta go to the bookstore and buy a book...(forgive me, computer)

ok bye!


PS. This plan is subject to change or cancellation with no prior notice. I realize how deep my computer addiction is and this plan simply might not work.