iPod Plod

I've had an iPod Mini for a while and I've come to a conclusion about it. For what it is... it pretty much sucks.

At first it was fun because it was sort of a new toy. Different interface. Lots of storage and all that. But there were things that were missing that grew more and more annoying. Simple things. Like an on/off button. Dumb. I'd always forget to put the 'lock' on and when I'd throw it in my bag the ipod would eventually turn itself on and the batteries for the day would run out. Great. Also there's no convenient volume control or fast forward. I'm constantly spinning that little disc. Spinning spinning spinning. Dizzy from the friggin spinning. Plus it would freeze up at least once a day and the restart was a pain. I want buttons! Normal buttons! I don't care how 'cool' it looks! Buttons! Plus I think iTunes as a program is mess. I don't need the Apple store. I won't ever. I'm on the take! Just show me how to add and delete and organize! I want to drag and drop! I'm simple. I want my programs to be simple too!

After having it a few months, my iPod developed a static problem which was common in iPod minis. I filled out a form on Apple and sent it back to them. In a few days they sent back another iPod. I never really knew if it was a 'new' iPod or my old one or refurbished or what. But it never worked quite right. Whenever I'd sync it up, it would never say it was safe to disconnect the ipod. Whenever I'd hook it up, it would say 'Do Not Disconnect' and never say it was ok to disconnect. But it seemed to sync ok and I'd just disconnect it anyway. I dealt with it but it something was always wrong with this replacement iPod.

So the other day I decided to motivate and send this iPod back again. I go on to Apple to fill out another form to ship it back. Apple tells me because I've had my iPod for more than six months I need to pay 30 something dollars to ship it back. Ripoff. So I'm stuck with it for now. I'll still use my iPod till it dies, of course, because it's there and I need it and it still works and all that. I don't want to sound all brat whatevery but it's upsetting to have spent my amazon gift certificate on something that's a straight out electronic wanker. So this is just a warning to y'all if you're going MP3 player shopping. I think iPods are electronic wankers.... especially if you're a PC kind of person. 

Eventually the iPods annoyingly irreplaceable (unless you want to pay) battery will burn out and then it will officially be garbage and I'll be free of it. It designed to be disposable. Just long term. I already can see this thing slowly inching toward my box of stuff in the corner. The box of broken electronics which has my old 'discman' and junky joysticks and old computer speakers and half broke mouses (mice? mices?)... and I know in the not too distant future my iPod will go live there...

iPod Mini grade: C-

ok bye!


PS I realize I might be being a dope about all this...