25 Year Past Blast 

So today I went out to my hometown and met with a friend of mine... that I haven't seen in like 25 years. The how or why we met up I'll explain at another time soonish.

Anyway, this guy was my bestest friend way back in the day. We played on the same soccer team. Had sleepovers. All that stuff. In like 4th grade he went off to private school and soon after we kind of stopped  hanging out for whatever reason. When you're a kid and don't drive cars or whatever- things shift when schools shift and stuff changes weirdly fast.

25 years later I sat across the table from this guy I got hit with so many flashbacks to the things we did as kids. In my head it was like the movies when people go into trances and see things in the past. Like in weird colors and splintery and stuff. I saw the time when we played Barbie with his little sister at the top of a long flight of stairs. She was all excited that we were playing with her and her Barbies. We'd helped her set up everything all nice nice just the way she liked. Barbie happy. Ken happy. Sister happy. Everything just right... Then we shoved the whole camper down the flight of stairs in one big shove. It was a horrible accident. Things flying and bouncing everywhere with her sister screaming chasing after the camper... horrified. Little sister fun! 

And I thought about how we used to play with Star Wars stuff alot. He had the Millennium Falcon and I totally didn't have the Millennium Falcon. I had a fair share of action figures but he had a serious amount of goodies. X-Wing starfighters with the R2 compartment. Death Star. The whole deal. I somehow remembered that one day I 'borrowed' his Chewbacca and never returned him. I guess we stopped hanging out around that time and never got a chance to return him or I stole Chewy or something or whatever.

Now he's a grownup (supposedly) and I'm a grownup (so they'd like me to believe). He looked the same but all grown up. I have kind of gorked with my smooth head and stuff.  It was a little freaky that so much time had gone by. I've been hit with other time passby stuff before...  like when The Police album Synchronicity was officially 20 years old. That was weird. But this was the first real life concrete time capsule person thing so it was a bit strange. It was also weird that we didn't feel like strangers. That somehow I seemed like we were still sorta friends this whole time.

So I decided that just because we stopped hanging out 25 years ago doesn't mean I can't set things right today.  Next time I'm go home to my parents house, I'm gonna go through the boxes in the basement... and look for Chewbacca.

ok bye!


PS. I also want to apologize to the little sister for the Barbie incident 25 years later. It's a fragmented memory so I'm hoping I'm remembering it wrong. I really was a good nice kid on the whole and wasn't usually a mean kind of boy. Didn't want y'all thinking I was some jerk kid who stole Chewbaccas and was mean to girls and stuff.  I wasn't. I was nice. Ok that's that! No more friggin sally apologies in these what's happenings! Friggin guilt! Gets me everytime!