iPod Backpeddler

So I got alot of email from people calling me a "dope", a "jerk", and one person called me a "pc penisbrain" about my iPod posting. Someone also sent in a email with a quick fix on what was wrong with my iPod not syncing and that worked. So yesterday I put some new music on it and I took my iPod around and I kind of liked it again. I guess I typed up yesterday's posting on the heels of the battery running out, and it not syncing right, then Apple hitting me up with a shipping charge so I got mad at it and lashed out.

Granted I still don't like the spinny interface and I think iTunes is a hassle but in retrospect I may have been a little harsh on the iPod- especially after realizing most of the things that were broken were actually in my head. 

So not to be back peddling wimp (and I'm not writing this because Mac mafia people came after me) but now that it's syncing ok and I didn't have to send it back and I'm being more aware to frickin put the lock on -it's not as bad as it was yesterday. I still want my regular buttons and on/off switch and stuff but to be fair I'm making this right.

ok bye!


PS. Mac people please don't hurt me. 

PPS Also apologies to people for being jerky about a thing that's cool to have regardless...