The Swedish Taste

So after my severe computer crash a couple weeks ago, I was looking for my Microsoft Office discs to reinstall it- and I remembered that I left them at my brothers house a while ago. I wasn't sure when I was gonna get time to head out there to get them. After a few days of no Office I started to get a little desperate for Office. I really wanted Outlook and Word installed on my computer immediately and whatever. 

So... ummm.. I did something I shouldn't have done... hmmm...  let's see how I can phrase this... 

Let me tell a "different" story...


The Story of Tom Tom and the Shady Carrot

Tom Tom the Rabbit was hungry for a carrot. But Tom Tom left his yummy carrot at his brothers house. After a few days Tom Tom was starving for the good carrot but he couldn't go to his brother's house because it was far, far away.... and Tom Tom is very lazy.

But Tom Tom knew a shady place nearby where some pirate rabbits give away carrots for free. They called them 'bootleg carrots'. You could never tell where these carrots came from. Alot of times they were bad. Tom Tom didn't feel right about eating one of these carrots. But Tom Tom isn't so bright sometimes and he figured he'd take a chance until he found time to schlep out to his brother's place to get the good carrot he really wanted.

So Tom Tom got a bootleg carrot and ate it. The carrot seemed to taste ok at first.... but soon Tom Tom realized it was different. It had a totally weird flavor. Soon Tom Tom realized that the carrot was not even from this country! It was from Sweden! It was all Swedish! And not a good carrot! It was a weird foreign version of carrot! This gave Tom Tom a bit of an upset stomach.

A few days later, Tom Tom went to his brother's house and finally got the good carrot he wanted- and happily ate it up. It tasted fine but Tom Tom soon realized he hadn't completely got rid of the taste of the swedish carrot! There were traces of swedish-y flavor left behind! Tom Tom tried everything to get rid of the taste! But the friggin swedishness refuses to go away! 

So Tom Tom is now stuck with the swedish taste and is dealing with it. He's even learned some swedish words!

Maybe Tom Tom also learned a valuable lesson about eating free carrots from pirate rabbits...

... but probably not.

The End


ok bye!


PS. Here's a screenshot of my Microsoft Outlook Inbox- which I'm posting for no reason in particular...