Bird Racket Weirdness

So I'm sitting here at the computer listening to music and all of a sudden I realize it's like noisy outside. I turn off the music and I hear outside that the birds are going crazy. I live out in Brooklyn and it's kind of a relatively quiet street and stuff and I get to hear birds chirping here and there which is nice. But today something was going on with the birds. They were going mental. They just seemed to be like super loud for some reason. I've never heard em like that before.

I'm not sure why birds do what they do with the chirping. I guess for mating or just to be heard or whatever. But when they all start acting up it makes me nervous because birds got that psychicness to em or something I think... or heard somewhere. Anyway, I opened my window and stuck my computer microphone out there and recorded them birds. My mic sort of sucks so just imagine it sounds alot louder than it does.

But this is what I heard a few minutes ago. It went on for at least 10 minutes at least.

If you know why birds all of a sudden go mental and chirpy please post HERE. I just want to be prepared...

Uch! While I've been typing this, the birds chirping have now fallen dead silent. Not even one is chirping anymore!  Stop acting weird, you birds! You're making me nervous!

ok bye!



PS. Slightly weird extra... This is What's Happening #333. Double that! Uh oh spaghettio!