Vacuum Woes Me

I've got vacuum issues. I've written about my vacuum issues before but they're still ongoing so here's a quick recap:

For a while all I had was a dustbuster and I'd vacuum my studio apartment with it. I had to stop with the dustbuster once I started living in apartments with more than one room. Because it hurt my back to be hunched over vacuuming that way (once I did vacuumed all hunched over and naked. not what you'd call sexy....) 

Then I bought a cheapy upright Dirt Devil. It was horrible. It barely could call itself a 'vacuum' with a straight face. It was more like a slight inhaler. It was garbage within a couple months.

Then for whatever reason I got a cordless vacuum. I figured for a small place it made sense. It seemed cool. Because it was different. Because it was cordless. It wasn't all that cool tho. Because it sucked. Because it was cordless. It was a half-assed vacuum. Eventually I fried it by accident when I mixed up the plugs and charged it with the wrong voltage. 

Then I bought a giant sized industrial type vacuum online for like $100 at an overstock website. To get 'serious'. After a few weeks, it made a loud locking noise, revved up highpitched, and stinky smoke poured out of it and it made crackily noises. I thought it was gonna 'splode. I had to back away from it.

SO ANYWAY I went on to buy this one from I don't know where:

I figured it was Hoover so it would probably be good. Bagless seemed good. And it had this little spinny brush thing for the carpets and stuff. For a small apartment I thought it would be ok. But after a few months the spinny carpet brush stopped spinning so I schlepped this thing like 12 blocks to the vacuum store to get it fixed. (It's always weird walking down the street with indoor appliances.) Anyway the repair cost me $30. The whole vacuum cost like $75. That sucked.  After the repair, the spinny brush worked for another couple weeks then stopped again

The vacuum still seemed to work sorta and I've been dealing with it ever since -annoyed at the no-spinny. But the vacuum has just gotten worse and worse. And last night I was vacuuming, going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth over a single piece of dust that refused to be sucked up-- and I stuck my hand underneath the vacuum and felt how it was barely sucking at all. It was almost doing nothing. I threw it in the corner disgustified in my non-good vacuum situation once AGAIN.

Yes I empty the bags oftenish! Yes I don't suck up large things and pennies and stuff! I just want one friggin vacuum that works! The vacuum in my parents house has been working for 30 friggin years! Why is everything new... crap! I'm sick of this! I want a vacuum that sucks and doesn't suck! I don't want to pay alot! I live in a small apartment! WTF!?!

So if you've had a good experience with an inexpensive vacuum good for apartments and have any suggestions for vacuum #6 please post it HERE. I'm sick of this non-sucking suckiness!

ok bye!