Blockbuster Bustedness

So I was at the Blockbuster the other night (Blockbuster sucks now because they got rid of all the old movies to make room for video games and candy and crap) and it reminded me of something that happened a while back. So I figure I'd relive the humiliation by writing about it here.

A bunch of years back I went to Blockbuster, rented a VHS movie, and watched it. (As what usually happens with a Blockbuster experience.) Anyway, the next day I popped the tape out of the VCR, threw it in the Blockbuster box, and returned it. So far so good. Right? Wrong. When I got home I walked into my place and saw the VHS movie I thought I just returned sitting next to the VCR. What? Why was it there? I thought I just returned it! My brain started to race (or in my case limp along at a faster rate). I hit rewind in my head and saw myself at like 2AM the night before popping out the Blockbuster tape and popping in an 'adult' film (for research purposes). Oh yeahh....  then I thought to myself... Oh nooo....NO! DOH!  I returned my friggin 'personal' tape to Blockbuster!

I considered my options:

1. Packing my stuff, moving away forever and changing my name and ss#..
2. Never returning to the Blockbuster (which would also mean I'd have to pay for the tape and late fees and never return to the Blockbuster and lose my tape)
3. Wait and see what happens and pretend it never happened.
4. Go back to Blockbuster with the regular movie and get my tape-of-shame back.

I decided on #4. I didn't like the idea of going back to Blockbuster asking for my porno back but it seemed like the only way to go. I walked in and there were only girls behind the counter. Of course. Great. I waited in line and went up and put the blockbuster movie on the counter and started mumbling something. The Blockbuster girl took a look at the movie title and knew exactly why I was there. She slid open a drawer and I saw my tape in there. She put it on the counter and took the movie back. I said... Thanks. She said nothing.

Anyway, that's what happened there with that and that was that then with that then.

ok bye!