Oblivioids and Dickazoids*

Today someone bugged me and it got me thinking. There two types of people out there that annoy me. I've decided to name them Oblivioids and Dickazoids.

Oblivioid (Oh-Bliv-EE-Oid)

1. Someone who seems oblivious to the basic rules of society.
2. Someone who is so completely unaware that they cause a disruption to normal everyday actions.
3. A person who is generally oblivious to their affect on others.

Today I bumped into an oblivioid. I was in an office building elevator heading down to the lobby. When the doors opened up someone was standing right there and stepped onto the elevator right away. I didn't have a chance to get off first. I had to excuse myself around her to get off the elevator. She didn't seem aware of the basic rule of let people off first. That's a very good example of an oblivioid. Here's a normal looking adult woman who seemed completely unaware of basic elevator etiquette aka an oblivioid.

Another example of oblivioids are people who drive too slow in the fast lane on the highway. That person who is driving 50mph and feels because 50mph is as fast as they want to drive they might as well do it in the fast lane. Completely unaware of people zooming around them on the right side completely pissed after tailgating or flashing their lights or giving the finger or whatever. Most traffic is caused by one or two oblivioids driving down the highway too slow in the fastlane.

One more example is someone who constantly asks a couple who have no children- when they're gonna have children. I've known a bunch of people who've have a hard time getting pregnant and all that. And they all complain they get hit with the... "So... when are you gonna start a family?'" question way too much while they're trying.  This touches a nerve. Its usually unintentional I know and of course it depends on your relationship with that person- but if a couple doesn't have kids and you think they might want em and you think something might be up because they don't bring it up-- don't keep bringing it up! Lay off em, you oblivioids...

Let's move on to Dickazoids:

Dickazoid (Dik-Ah-Zoid)

1. A person who acts like a dick.
2. A person who has dickish tendencies mainly based in selfishness.
3. Someone who has an outstanding ability to annoy people and simply not care.

Warning: Dickazoids usually react with hostility when called out on their dickazoidalness.

Although I've harped on this before, a good example of a dickazoid is someone who talks constantly in a movie. Some may feel that these people fall into the category of oblivioid but I feel with movie talkers they are aware they are being annoying to people but simply disregard it because 'they've paid for their ticket' or 'believe that people around them may actually care what they think.' This is typical dickazoidial thinking.

Another example of a dickazoid are cellphone gabbers. They're very similar to movie talkers however cellphone gabbers seem to have a different foundation for inappropriately gabbing on their cellphone. I believe someone who can go on and on on loudly on their cellphone on a quiet train or quiet restaurant have yet to get over the 'cool' factor of their cellphone. Perhaps they still feel extra cool because they own a cellphone AND have someone to talk to on their cellphone AND demonstrate their level of personal importance because that conversation apparently can't wait. Not caring about the annoyance factor involved to the other people around them as they gab. However, some of these people may fall into the oblivioid category sometimes.

A third good example of dickazoids are the people who cut in on exit lines off the highway at the last second. Like if there's a backup in exit lane traffic there are those people who ignore getting in the line and drive to the front and then just force their way in. Cutters. These dickazoids achieve a level of self-satisfaction because they've beat the system and are above waiting in line 'like the rest of us jerks'. Self-centered and self-important and the rules don't apply to me so FU is dickazoidal thinking for sure.

Anyway, I hope I didn't offend anyone who might have demonstrated dickazoidal or oblivioidal behavior in the past. We all make mistakes. I probably have done both at some point on some level and not realized it. But I figure I'd throw it out there... because the oblivioid woman in the elevator who didn't realize that people getting off go first... just totally set me off.

ok bye!


PS. Thanks to Squid Boy for giving me another good example of an Oblivioid. When going up a long escalator there's the rule of "Stand Right. Walk Left." Usually with signs everywhere stating that. A common oblivioid will just stand left and be unaware of the elevator traffic jam of angry wanna-walkers piling up behind them...

*Apparently some writer guy stole my idea to write about this stupidness a while ago. Even though he wrote about it first and did a better job than me it's still stolen! Stolen right out my friggin head!! Retro-plagiarisism! 

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