Got Flies?

In my last apartment I had flies. In my new apartment it seems I have flies. Now I'm kind of a slob but not really with food (just slobby with clothes and stuff) because I'm scared of roaches.  If I see a roach I yelp and panic and freak out and get the spray and spray them superdead. But I've never really had a problem with roaches. But flies. Always with the flies. In my last apartment I'd be fly free for days on end then I would come home and have like 10 flying around. I checked everywhere in my apartment for a big hunk of hamburger or something that I may have had laying around and pulled the fridge away from the wall and everything to find where they were coming from. I never found out.

But I did become an expert in fly swatting. I actually bought a fly swatter and would chase flies around in my apartment. I learned that what you need to do is watch them fly around and wait for them to land. Flies eventually get tired out from flying after a minute or so. Then you don't swat hard because sometimes the rush of wind from the swatter alerts them to the fact that they're about to be mushed. You go in relatively slow and then when you get real close. Wham! Then finish up with Fantastik and papertowel. That's the best technique. You can go for the mid-air swat which does work occasionally but you gotta be careful. Sometimes you just stun em and they just look dead and when you go to get em they wake up and fly away.

Anyway after leaving that apartment I was happy to leave the fly situation behind. I really did clean that apartment spotless top to bottom and they still came like clockwork. Over and over. I don't know where they came from.

So after my fly history you can imagine how upset I am to see some flies in this apartment. I have screens on the windows. I don't leave food laying around for too long. But I looked at my window today and sure enough sitting on the screen on the inside were like six flies. Like total mini Amityville Horror. So why? Why are they here. They fly around in my apartment. Do they come out of my one plant? I realize it's summer and that's part of the deal. But is it? Do we all have flies? Am I just gross? I don't think I'm gross but the evidence might say otherwise. Oh well. I'm off to swat some flies.

ok bye!