Hacker Help Wanted*

Spyware used to be an annoyance. A sneaky mosquito. Something that piggybacked on other programs and served popups and crap. A bit of a pain to uninstall but nothing major. But recently I noticed spyware has gotten downright vicious. And heartless. Just this morning I was poking around the web looking for a Daily Fun Link and I stumbled across some game site. It informed me that I needed to install some crap program or whatever to 'view the content'. I clicked the 'X' in the box to close the window and I saw a flash of a toolbar install on my machine. Uch! I felt it and it made me shiver. It didn't ask. It didn't need my approval. It just went. My crap ZoneAlarm firewall sat there like a dope and did nothing. Internet Explorer is like a spaghetti strainer with this crap now. I felt like someone just sneezed all over the back of my neck in the movies.

So I busted out AdAware and HijackThis (spyware removal stuff. good programs.). But this time round neither AdAware nor HijackThis was able to clear off this new crap. So I had to go online to research. I was already annoyed that I had to do stuff and doubley so because my browser now had a new filthy unwanted toolbar installed and my google toolbar was gone. Every search came along with a redirect to their own garbage dump sites. AND to add insult to injury I was pummeled with ads for spyware removal programs.

The bitch program stuck on my machine is called wtoolsa.exe and I can't get it off.  I want to cry. I can't deal with it anymore. Those MFers!

So now I want to redirect my energy into seeking revenge on the people responsible for putting this program on my machine. If any hacker out there runs around in the shadows and wants to help me get revenge on these bastardos please write in. Y'know... I want something good... something anonymous.... and something they very much deserve. 

Professionals please write: [email protected]

ok bye!


PS. Madman psychos need not apply. I'm not looking for anything physically violent but I appreciate your concern. Thanks!

PPS. Internet Explorer now officially totally completely 100% sucks. Microsoft sucks. Switch to Firefox.

PPPS. Mac people please don't write in with I told you so's. I know. I know...

PPPPS. Also I realized that for 20 minutes or so yesterday I was actually linking to that horrible site. My apologies to anyone who picked this thing up. Adaware, Hijack This, and Spybot seemed to clear things off ok. If you are still having problems due to having clicked on the stupid site and I'm responsible please write in and I will try to walk you through some other fix options.

PPPPPPS Also please feel free to post up at this forum HERE with other spyware info questions, warnings, ventings, fixes, links and stuff..