Weekly Pics!

See the little mousey? Hi mousey mouse!

Stalker or romantic?

The birdcage has to go! We don't even own a bird! And while you're at it would you please get rid of that old junky sewing machine! You don't even know how to sew!

The Knicks City Dancers! Knicks game was fun even though the dancers were overdressed as far as I'm concerned. (thanks again to the person who sent me the free tix!)

Every time Stephon Marbury hit a shot the announcer would go... Steffffonnnn MAAARRRbury!!....

These guys were in the window at the local Thai food restaurant.

Christmas trees in the rain in front of the Duane Reade drug store.


The Mitzvah Tank on patrol!

Putting lights on trees like this would make me mental.

Macy's and ze Empire State Building.

The Pixies show on Saturday night. They rocked. Unfortunately upon frisking me at the door they found my camera and made me dump out the batteries.

So this is a junky cellphone pic during Bone Machine

There goes the mousey again!

The top of the Brooklyn Bridge with camera held out the window of a moving cab.

That's it!

ok bye!