The Handsock Rag

I invented a new thing today. I was putting on old pair of tube socks and on the yank- one of em ripped at the heel. So I took it off and basically ripped the sock in half for fun and to feel hulk-tough and to hear the rip noise.. Then for whatever reason I put the top part of sock around my wrist and was wearing it like a wrist thing. Sort of like Britney did here.

While sitting at my computer doing stuff I took out the scissors and cut a thumb hole in so it became like a fingerless glove or something. It felt good for some reason. It sort of felt cool to use my mouse with the sock on my hand for some reason. Anyway, I ate my lunch and instead using a napkin I just wiped my mouth on the back of my hand sock. It was convenient plus I didn't care if it got stained or not or whatever. And it was a natural backhand mouth wipe movement.

Throughout the day I've been using my hand sock rag around the house. I wiped up a spill on the counter. Cleared dust off my desk. Cleaned smudges off my monitor. Wiped off the top of a can of Dr. Pepper. Anything that needed a rag there it was! I could even write a phone number on it or whatever! There it is! Right on my hand! 

On top of it I have plenty of old socks with holes and stuff so I have lots of handsock rags if I need em! I have old dress socks for more a more formal handsock look. Colored socks to mix things up. Big stretched-out socks for the more casual handsock style. You can wear one like Michael Jackson or two and feel like a boxer! Then if the handsock gets too gross or whatever I can either wash it or just throw it out. It's just a rag afterall... .a Handsock Rag...

Can I have a million dollars now?

ok bye!


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