Jerky Prank Answerer

So today I took the train out to NJ for my nephews 4th birthday party at a party place. I was all sorts of late so I had to cab it from the train station.  There was no taxistand or taxis or rides at the station so I called information on my cellphone and asked for a taxi service (any taxi service) in South Orange. The telephone robot lady told me a number and then it automatically connected me. The phone started ringing and someone picked up.

Here's how the conversation went:

<ring ring>

Grumbly guy: Hello?

Me: Hi. I need a taxi.

Grumbly guy: You need a taxi?

Me: Yeah.


Grumbly guy: Umm... Ok where you at?

Me: I'm at the South Orange train station. In front of the Dunkin Donuts.

Grumbly guy: Ok where you headed to?

I told him the address.

Grumbly guy: Ok. I'll send someone out.

Me: How long will that take?

Grumbly guy: Soon...

Me: Are we talking five minutes? 10?

Grumbly guy: Soon, man. Soon. (annoyed). I'm sending someone now <click>

Anyway, to make a long not so interesting story short. I waited for like 15-20 minutes and then called information again. I wasn't sure who I called the first time so the operator lady gave me the numbers of the only two local taxi services in South Orange. I called both and neither was this guy. Basically it seems the first guy was a wrong friggin number and the jerk who answered just jerked me around along like a jerk. I knew something was wrong! He sounded too rude and out of it to be a dispatcher! (Note to self: AGAIN: Trust yer first instinct.)

The thing I wondered about was why would someone just be a jerk that way. He wasn't a teenager or anything. He was some grown man going thru the trouble to mess with a stranger on a sunday afternoon who just wanted a cab. I figure he acted that way for one of two reasons. One. He's just a plain ol' dick. Or two. Somehow 411 mistakenly connects people looking for cabs to him all the time and this is his little sweet revenge for all the annoying callers. 

But even if number two is really true...

Number one still applies.

ok bye!


PS. The bday party was a lot of fun and I got my nephew a little cool race track set at radio shack that he seemed to dig alot. Plus I watched him play Shrek 2 on the Gameboy and he was awesome at it.