Educational Catch-up

I was always a bad student. From like 3rd grade on. School somehow never clicked in for me. I wasn’t a great reader. Nor a great writer and I was horrible at math. My attention span was like 10-15 seconds. When reading I’d always find myself glossing over the pages and not able to hold my attention for very long. Finally, when I was about 17 someone told me that the reason why I was skimming pages may be because there was a word that I didn’t know the definition of -and I would just skim over it and just keep skimming apparently. Once I found out that the little bug of skipping the big words was the culprit, I got better at reading. But math was always extra terrible for me. I’d get grades like ‘17%’ on tests and stuff.

I graduated high school with a C average and college with a 2.27 GPA with a degree in Communications. Anyway now that I’m an adult (sort of) I realize I have huge gaps in my knowledge about stuff (surprise surprise). Like I kind of know stuff about WW II and I kind of know some stuff about science. But I don’t have the ‘big picture’ on anything. I regret now that I didn’t study more then. Because I get caught in conversation sometimes not knowing stuff or not understanding a big word that someone busts out. Plus I’m actually interested now. Back then I was just interested in running around with friends or whatever.

It’s not like I ever thought I was dumb. I always thought I was kind of smart. I just never had any facts in my head to back up that theory. Now the facts I have I pick up from the History Channel or Discovery but that stuff is just teases to the big picture. So I decided the other day that I would catch up on a ‘big picture’ and read something ‘educational’ as opposed to Stephen King books and stuff. I bought ‘Rise and Fall of the Third Reich’ cause I wanted to know more about Nazis and stuff. But the book was really big and I got bored. I think if I was actually in a class about it with my current mindset I think I would be much more interested. I’d probably study. But sitting around in my apartment reading history books just doesn’t work for me.

The moral of the story is if you’re in high school or college. Study stuff. You’ll regret not later. Cause you’ll end up writing sentences like ‘You’ll regret not later’ and nodding your head in conversation sometimes. And if you have an issue with reading don’t skip over the big words. Look them up. I swear the stuff they're forcing on you is interesting sort of. At least some of it is.

Uch! I sound like a grown-up. Ew! Stinky! I gotta go play a video game called Return to Castle Wolfenstein. The Allies fight the Axis in that game. That’s sort of a history lesson I guess…

Ok bye!