Old TV Addict

So I live in what's basically a one bedroom apartment but I have like 7 tv sets in here. 

Here's my main TV:

I like this old RCA TV because the picture is really clear and I've had it for a long time. I traded my fish tank for this TV back in college. It's from 1984. It still works fine (even though I can't see some news scrolls because the tv is rounded and I can't adjust volume with my remote) But this tv is a little too new for my tastes. The keypad and digital LCD display are too modern. But I respect the fact that it's 20 years old and works fine. New TVs never do that anymore.

This TV is much more coolio to me. It's from 1947 I think. It's got a weird shape and big knobs. I dig this tv alot! I like the TVs with big knobs (uh huh huh). And it's made by Sentinel. Sentinel? How cool is that? Too bad it doesn't work at all. It doesn't even have all its parts.

Look at this one! This was my grandmothers old TV. It's from like 1963 or something. That knob on the side is a sleep timer! It counts down like kitchen timer. That friggin rules. I snapped the top of the antennae of this set by accident a few months ago and I was in a bad mood for the rest of the day. It still works ok but it's starting to fritz..

Check out this one that's sitting out in the hallway! I got this one for $40 in some junk store. It weighs a ton and doesn't work at all but it's got the good knobs. Haven't researched this one yet. A friend of mine was pissed because I made him help me schlep this broken tv up three flights of stairs so it can sit in my hallway.

This TV sucks but I've had it for like 25 something years. I can't bring myself to throw it away. But it sucks. I am not interested in this tv.

This tv is coolio and sits on top of my microwave. Although it's slightly modern (1977ish) I got it as a gift like last year and it was brand spanking new sealed in the original box! It had the old paperwork and warranty cards and stuff in there! That made it super cool.

This not a TV. It's the inside of my microwave. Gross.

Here's an Apex TV that I got at the Circuit City for $65. It's pretty good for $65. But it's not interesting to me. It just does its job sitting next to my computer..

Also my parents have an awesome old Zenith from the 50's in their basement with the big knobs ON TOP of the tv. And it works! Its the best one. So I'm gonna bring that here at some point once I find some space for it somewhere. It's giant sized too.

Not sure why I'm liking the old tvs so much but they just seem cool. I like all old tvs but my rule is the knobs have to turn and there can be no lit display. Then it qualifies as supercool. I know my TV collection isn't that great yet (and too random right now) but I'm gonna keep buying cheap junky old broken TVs until I have a massive collection. Then when I'm like 80 or whatever I'm gonna have a hobby working on fixing them all. That's my retirement plan.. at least for now.

ok bye!