Griddled Bellend

So just some people wrote in asking me why I was being all weird secretive this week so just in case you think I'm not sharing everything... how bout a nice overshare situation!

In the summer when it's very humid my ummm... undercarriage gets a little chafed and heat rashy and stuff. I usually powder up with gold bond after the shower but it doesn't always do the job. So a while ago I was talking to a friend of mine about my undernuts situation (guy talk) and he told me that it helps to make sure you're totally dry under there and how he uses a hairdryer to dry things up undersack after the shower.

Anyway I still had my old hairdryer (collecting dust under the sink) and it seemed like a good idea. I get out of the shower and I hook up the hairdryer and gave my undercarriage a nice undner blowdown up. Felt kind of good so I sort of got into it and did it for a while. Eventually I sort of got spacey and started paying attention to other things in the bathroom when I accidentally touched the grill cover at the end of the hairdryer to the head of the downstairs man in charge! The hairdryer had been on for a while so it was red hot!

All I could think was, 'KWAHHH! I done burnted me in the worst place to be burnted! KWAHH!' I looked at my situation downstairs and I saw reddened griddlemarks right on my bellend! KWAHHH! That sucked! Griddled!

I decided to stick with the gold bond and not bring any redhot things down by my yahnson from that point on. Lesson learnt the hot way. Fully recovered now. And that was that. Blower beware!

ok bye!