Slipperman From The Future

I've always been a sock wearer around the house. I'm inside alot and if I'm not barefoot I wear socks. All winter long I've been wearing socks. It's at the point where my laundry basket is always filled with socks. Socks socks socks. Socks then more socks. And they wear out fast because I'm walking around in them all day instead of them being in shoes. I'll even go outside in them to get the mail or take out the trash. So last week I got sick of all the socks and I broke down and bought a pair of ...slippers.

I originally wanted to get slippers that look like big bear feet with claws or maybe big footballs or something but those sizes seem to top out at 12. I'm a 13. (Actually one foot is really a 12 1/2 and the other is 13 1/3 so they're lopsided -which makes buying shoes a real pain but that's a whole other story). I ended up buying a pair of like regular brown 'adult' type slippers and I've been wearing them nonstop. I keep them by my bed and step into em when I wake up. The problem is they make me feel a little too much like a grownup.

My grownupness feel was confirmed today when my door buzzer rang (the postman at the door delivering a package. a new spaghetti pot because I saw some rust coming thru the bottom of my old one). I put on my robe and glanced at myself in the mirror. I looked at my bald head and my robe and face scruff and my brown slippers and I got a little stranged out. Like I was looking at me way into the future or something (which is always weird for me cause I feel like I'm like 16 years old most of the time) and I was sort of like... this is your round the house "look" now?

But then I shrugged it off and whatevered that and headed downstairs to get my spaghetti pot. Psyched that my toes were toasty in my slippers and happy that I wasn't burning a hole thru a sock on the way.

ok bye!


(PS. I'll take a picture of the slippers later. My camera batteries are dead and I gotta buy more. Maybe I'll go outside in my slippers and get em!...)