The Pigeons of Grand Central

So today I was in Grand Central and I look down and what do I see?

These guys!

There were these two pigeons hanging out inside Grand Central! It might not seem like a big deal but birds are not allowed in Grand Central. 
And it seems like all the birds in manhattan know this rule... except these two birds. 

They walked around pretending they were commuters.

They pretended to ignore the fact that everyone was staring at them and they tried to blend in. But blending in is hard when you're a bird.

They thought about splitting up and maybe being less conspicuous that way.

But they didn't know were to go. This guy went this way.


And that guy went up there.

But soon they realized they didn't like being alone.

So they hung out down on the floor again.

Then these worker guys discussed what to do about the pigeons. The pigeons pretended they didn't know they were talking about them.

I listened in on the conversation and found out that the birds have been in Grand Central for over a day. The workers didn't know what to do because every time they'd try to catch the birds, the birds would fly away. They said the birds seemed happy because people have been feeding them all day. So one guy suggested putting out poison bread. And this other guy got mad and was like, "No way!" When the guy with the idea said, 'Why not?' 

The other guy said..."Because I like them birds."

So the workers went off somewhere to further discuss the situation. 

And the birds wandered around with the hopes of one day being mistaken for true commuters...

...or at least having the workers allow them to claim Grand Central as their new home.

ok bye!


PS (btw not sure why these pictures were so blurry. might be time for a new camera or something...)