Crazy Artist's

So when I was a teenager there was this creepy place me and my friend would go to sometimes when we were drunk on wine coolers or whatever. We called it 'Crazy Artists'. It was basically an old train platform that was in the middle of neighborhood woods. The train line was long gone and there were no train tracks around but the old platform was still standing. It seemed so out of place surrounded by woods.

Anyway, we'd get all banged up coolers, grab flashlights, and head out there late night. From a distance you could see some structures on the platform. There was an old engineers house and some big sheds and stuff. It was always bizarro just seeing this train platform standing out there in the dark surrounded by trees-- but the coolest thing about it was that there were these creepy stone faces hanging all over the place. On the wall of the house. The side of the shed. On posts. Wherever. Faces with creepy expressions. All different sizes. Some were seriously big and others were super small. Dozens and dozens of faces. Everywhere. Stone faces.

With shaky flashlights we'd pan around the place and walk the platform freaking ourselves out. Fried on nerves. Shining the light from face to face like we were in a movie. We'd poke around in the sheds too and there'd always be weird stuff. One shed had this weirdish shrine (that once had burning candles!). There were also rusted gardening tools on the walls. Like scythes and stuff. The whole place was a freakshow. We never really knew if someone actually lived there or just worked there or whatever. We'd peer into the engineer's house for signs of life but we never saw anybody. But every little creak of anything would make us crazy. A squirrel rustling through the leaves would send us running.

We went there like once or twice a year whenever we got the balls up. Sometimes we'd bring people along with us and they'd always would completely freak out. One dude actually cried and just wanted to get the hell out of there.  It was totally the type of place where you'd expect to turn around and see someone standing there with a rusty hatchet smiling just like the faces on the wall (or actually wearing a stone mask). The whole place was so fantastically creepily excellent.

Anyway, one night I was there with my friend and we each decided to take a face. A small one. I still feel a little bad for stealing defenseless art but I was a teen or whatever. So we looked around the walls for a cool face to take and I found a small one and quietly took it off the wall. Here tis:

To make things extra creepy this face has an small indentation on the flip side. And when I took it off the wall under this face was another tiny tiny face. Under it! This guy was 100% real deal if he's putting faces under faces. Like totally bizarro stuff.

Anyway this place was awesome with his crazy faces everywhere on the train platform. Look at that thing! Imagine a giant one that looked like that. I think about returning this face from time to time but I'm still a little scared of that place... and who may or may not live there.

... and frankly I'm still a little scared of this stone face in general.

ok bye!



(btw I took a bunch of pictures of this thing and they were all blurry and I was like WTF! So brainiac finally looked at the lens and it was totally covered with schmutz. I give my camera to my nephews whenever I see them so they can take pictures and whatever and they always schmutz it up. I cleaned it off and no more blurry! Whaddaya know!)