Freezer Psycho

So today I opened up my fridge to get a Welch's Juice Pop (they're awesome except for grape. i don't like the grape.) Anyway I noticed that my fridge had that frost build up situation to the extreme. The door hasn't even been closing all the way for a week or so. And there was food locked in the ice. Basically I had an igloo tube of freezer in there. It was time to bring out the Ol' Molly Hatchet for her annual freezer workout. Check this thing out.

Psycho right?!  I don't even know where I originally got this thing. I think I found it years and years ago.

Anyway I put on my old big Elton glasses for safety, opened the freezer and just went at hacking away at the ice like I was... was... well whatever they do whatever they do where they chop ice. Chop chop! There I was standing there in the middle of the afternoon wearing pajama pants and a t-shirt swinging a hatchet in my kitchen. It's kind of an awkward thing because my fridge is small and I gotta do like a sideways chop at the ice but then other times front ways. Sometimes I had to switch hands and it's actually kind of hard work but I got it done.

Then I mopped up the floor (which actually worked out well cause I sprayed a little Joy dishwashing soap around and done did a real floor mopping which was needed).

After that was done I went to the closet to put ol' Molly Hatchet away for the year. I caught a look at myself in the mirror on the way to the closet. I saw this half-soaked guy with big elton glasses and a scruff face wearing pajama pants with ice fleks melting on him- and he was holding a wet rusty hatchet. I just kept walking... I certainly didn't want to stare too long for fear of disturbing the psycho who was looking back at me.

ok bye!