Turtleneck Twins

So last night I went out to run around some bars with a friend of mine. I decided to wear a navy turtleneck and jeans. I show up at the bar and my friend is sitting there...wearing a navy turtleneck and jeans. He also wears similar glasses to me. It was immediately totally uncomfortable. We joked about how we planned it and how we got the memo that it was "turtleneck night" or whatever and ordered drinks.

But our being dressed the same did not get any less uncomfortable. It got worse. There we were sitting like two dorky twins playing it off like we're not dressed exactly the same. Both drinking beer. I caught one girl at the bar laughing to a friend and then the friend looked over at us and she giggled too. Ug. But what was I supposed to do? Run home and change? Shouldn't I be man enough to handle a simple thing like the fact that we're dressed the same? And not have to run home and change "outfits"?

On top of it a turtleneck isn't something I wear regularly. I feel too artsy looking or something. Also because I'm bald, sometimes when I wear a turtleneck I feel like I look like a walking penis. So sitting there twinned together all doubly turtlenecked made me triply uncomfortable. Penisboy and twin friend of Penisboy! Finally after like 15 minutes of social paranoia I realized I had a t-shirt underneath and took off my turtleneck and sat there in my t-shirt. Finally free to be uncomfortable in a new more tolerable way. The fact that my t-shirt sleeves were kind of too short and my arms are extra hairy and everyone will look at me and think, "Hey! Look! Penisboy transformed himself into Wolfmanboy?" 

But that I can live with... 

ok bye!