Some Gates Pictures

So this project called The Gates (click here for info) opened in Central Park this weekend. Here's some pics!

Horseys were like, "What the dillyo with the orange things?"

Alot of people were tailgating in the Gates. I'd stop to take a picture and someone would step on my heel or bump me from behind.

At first I wasn't crazy about The Gates because at first they looked like motel showercurtain schmatas and all dopey and stuff.

But then I saw that everyone seemed to be in a good mood and happy to be walking around in there and talking about stuff and stuff. And everywhere you looked everything looked different and coolio. And there was an air vibe.

Plus you can reach up and touch em and stuff. Kids liked reaching up and slapping em when they were on shoulders and stuff. 

Here's what they looked like when you looked up at em and stuff.

Some people who worked there gave out snippits so I scanned mine in.

Not sure why there's a gap there... Maybe someone stole a gate or two and put them on their roofdeck to be an ultra-hipster thief.

I met this dog in the park. His name was Bilbo. He is a superstar.

And I wandered in through the whole park thinking about if any other color would be cooler than this orange saffron whatever.

But I decided that this color worked really well because I didn't think of anything in particular when I looked at it.

Here's a dog having a zen moment.

Sometimes gates would blow up and dudes had to go fix them with a tennisball on a long stick.

They all had lots of signatures on their backs.

These gates led to down there.

There was a squirrel in the hole of that tree but can't really see nuttin but his terminator eye.


And that was that with all of that. 

I ended up liking them Gates a whole lot. They made alot of people happy it seems. They created a vibe. I thought the whole thing was basically way coolio.

ok bye!