Under Umbrella Overthink

So yesterday I was walking around in the rain with my big umbrella. I had big umbrella because I lost all my little umbrellas. Little umbrellas are usually good for only 2 or 3 uses before they get left on the floor of a bar or whatever. But I haven't lost big umbrella yet. Anyway, it's raining kinda hard and I'm doing errands and I get to a corner and wait for the light to change. Standing like 6 feet away from me is this cute chick without an umbrella but with a rain jacket and hood.. I thought about sharing my big umbrella with her. I tried to think fast of the best way to handle the situation before the light changed.

This all went through my head in like 20 seconds:

Option #1. Just walk over to her and put my umbrella over her and say hi or whatever.

(I thought maybe this was a little forward. Standing under an umbrella with someone is sort of intimate and would it be considered weird?)

Option #2. Invite her under by saying something like, 'Hey! Want to stand under here with me?'

(Creepy. Seems wrong. Sounds like I'm planning something sinister once she gets under there.)

Option #3. Kind of wander over to her absentmindedly and let the umbrella sort of wander over her head too.

(This seemed like a variation of the yawn stretch arm around her shoulder move. Maybe unsmooth or something.)

Then a whole other dilemma popped up if I did get her under the umbrella... what happens when the light changes? Do we have to walk together? Do I ask her to walk with me? Or do I just wander off leaving her in the rain? That seemed rude. At what point is it appropriate to walk off leaving her in the rain again? What if she doesn't mind being in the rain with her hood at all and here I am interfering with her rain walking by being all shovey with my umbrella? Would we have to be stuck together walking all awkward and intimate under my umbrella?

Anyway, the light changed and she walked off in the rain and I headed my own way... -mad at myself for not reacting on instinct by putting a cute girl under my big umbrella with me for a minute and dealing with the consequences later... come what may.

ok bye!