Cupcake in my Mailbox

The other night I'd been out latenight and when I got home there was a box sticking out of my mailbox sideways. It was suspicious. It wasn't mail. It was just a small white bakers box. I took it inside and opened it up. Inside was one tasty looking cupcake with pink frosting and sprinkles. No note. No nothing. Just the cupcake.

I put the box on my coffay table and turned on the tv. The cupcake stared at me. I stared at it. I wondered who would leave a cupcake in my mailbox but no one immediately came to mind. The cupcake made me a little nervous. Why was it here? Maybe the cupcake was left there by my arch-enemy (who is unbeknownst to me). I wondered if I had an arch-enemy. I wondered if the cupcake was laced with angel dust or rat poison or something. Would someone do that? I wondered if I had a secret admirer. Or some stalkery situation. I wasn't sure if I should eat the mystery cupcake. It sure looked tasty though.

I thought about the chances of someone leaving me an evil cupcake and I figured the chances were pretty slim. Why would someone want to leave me an evil cupcake? I'm a pretty nice guy. But was it really safe to eat something left anonymously in my mailbox? I decided to take a little bite and chew slow to really taste for some sort of strange taste. No weird taste. Just tastey. So I decided to throw cupcake caution to the wind and I made a cupcake sandwich and ate it up. That cupcake was friggin way good!

Days later a friend called and called and asked me if I got the cupcake. She was at some party and walked by my place on the way home and put it in my mailbox. It wasn't evil at all! It was a good cupcake from a friend.

And I was glad I had enough cupcake trust in the world to risk eating it up.

ok bye!