Pictures for the Week

Ok it's been a while since I put some up but that while is done now.

Here's some dudes that were ripping up street stuff in the village and doing stuff.

Self explanatory... sorta...

Very much not the last thing you want to see.

Bad artsy photo of a crack in the wall.

Street maw.

Another shot of them Gates. This time with snow.

Police horse #83 hearing himself talked about for the 1000th time today.

I went to the Central Park Zoo with my nephews and there was one of these just roaming around. He ignored people as much as possible.

Happy Birthday to you. You live in a zoo. You smells like a Caiman. And you look like one too.

Gimme food I'll eat it... gimme food I'll eat it... gimme food I'll eat it... gimme food... guess what... I'll friggin eat it...

Scary Alien at Mars 2112 (theme restaurant) with nephew cropped.

That's it! Ok bye!