Unbraced for Impact

So it like snowed alot here and it made me think of something so I'm gonna write about it so here it goes.

It was a snowy day and I was at school in the 4th grade. It was snowing alot and they closed the school early and I was psyched. (When I was a kid it actually had to snow alot to close the schools. Nowadays it seems it takes a few inches before lawyer paranoia comes in and schools close down). Anyway, my mom came to pick me and my brother up. (came to pick up my brother and I? pick my brother and me up? pick I and me brother up? friggin grammar! what did they teach me in elementary school anyway?)

Anyway, my brother was in the front seat and I was in the back. I buckled up my seatbelt (It was oldschool like the seatbelts on planes). We were driving down this road called Quaker Ridge. The roads were bad. Quaker Ridge has this part that is sort of like a valley where it goes down a big hill and then back up again. Down in the valley part I could see a few cars are all sideways and stuff like they're trapped down in the valley skiddy and can't get up the hill.

My mom sees there's an issue in the valley and hits the brakes. We immediately started skidding down the hill on pure ice. The wheels weren't turning we were just skidding along. I could see that we were heading straight for the few skiddy cars down in the dip. We weren't going all that fast. Maybe like 15MPH or something. I got really excited. The crash was like 5-10 seconds away because we were skidding so slowmo and it looked like we were lining up for a direct hit!

I couldn't see too well from the backseat (and I noticed my brother had a front row seat!) so I unbucked my seatbelt and sat up between the frontseats to get a good view for what was going on. Skid skid skiddddd....I was psyched! A real live crash! We were definitely gonna do a crash! And then we hit! I remember the sound of the impact being much louder than I expected <BRAK> and closing my eyes really tight. It wasn't really a bad crash or anything. Just major fenderbendery but there was some real impact there. When the car stopped I opened my eyes up again and my mouth was full of blood.

I apparently bit down on my tongue superhard and made it bleed. My mom looked back at me and saw I had blood coming out of my mouth post-crash and she flipped out. She figured I got hurt from the crash or whatever.

Little did she know at the time, that the reason I was messed up in the first place was because I was a superdopey kid who actually took off his seatbelt right before a crash.... because I didn't like my backseat view.

ok bye!