Jury Duty Doings

So today I had jury duty and was really sort of psyched for it (the above picture is the courthouse place). 

I packed a travel bag for myself with two magazines (Time and Blender), my iPod (pathetically charged), my camera, and took a book. (I decided to reread Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy due to the movie coming soon). I also picked up a Hershey's with Almonds on the way too. 

I planned to do a whole photo tour for y'all with my camera but (duh) you can't go around willy nilly snapping pictures inside a courthouse like it's a touristy tour of something or whatever. You're not even allowed to bring cameras into the place. Cameras needed to be checked. I didn't want to give it up so I buried it in my bag and hoped to get it through security. And it worked! I took a bunch of sneaky pics inside the place! Most I took with the camera in my bag to be extrastealth!

So here's some totally federally offensive illegal pics


**My mom called me this morning upset because she thought the FBI was gonna come down on my head for bragging about taking pictures inside a federal building and asked me to take em down --so I did what my mom said. The pics weren't that cool anyhoo.


That's it for the sneaky photos. My camera didn't make it through security after lunch and I had to check it in. 


All in all, jury duty was sort of a disappointment. From the getgo people annoyed me. 

I got there a little late and it was sort of like church seating with the long pews. Everyone sat on the edges of the rows and the whole center was open. 

 It looked like this:

So I had to say excuse me to someone to get in to sit down and she groaned at me like I was a dick. I was like, 'Hey Honey! Move your ass down the friggin row and maybe you wouldn't get annoyed this way? What are you the friggin row guard?'

Then I finally sat down and the dude next to me didn't have a pen. So was sharing with him but every time he wrote something down he wasn't giving my pen back right away. I had to keep asking for it. I was like... 'Dude! This is how this works! It's my pen! You don't hold it during the downtime! Use it! Then back to me! I'm the generous one! I am the pen master!!!'

Then I noticed someone smelled and it wasn't me.

Then we all corralled into the 'Jury Lounge'. The first seat I sat in had a broken back to it and I almost fell over backwards and had to grab the arms of the chair to keep from flipping on the flippin floor.

Later on I went into the corner and fell asleep... until someone sat down RIGHT next to me and started talking on his cellphone. I was like, 'Did you think it was better to sit next to the sleeping person while chatting it up rather than annoying someone who's awake?'

Then we all had to go upstairs to a courtroom. There was like 60 of us. The judge gave us the rundown on the judicial system and made some jokes that he's told 1000x. Then they read off names of people to sit in the jury box. I called in the first bunch. Seat #7. (which reinforced ever so slightly my OCD around the #7 which has gotten suspiciously worse lately due to stuff like that). 

The judge told us the defendant got busted for maybe dealing drugs. It was weird. He was sitting right there. That dude was in big trouble.

Then before anyone asked me a single question they told us to go wait in the hall. After 20 minutes we went back in and the judge told us the case had been settled. Done and done. Then it was back to the lounge for another couple hours.

Anyway, in between all the breaks and then shuffling and the sitting around waiting I found it strikingly easy to fall asleep. Like at the drop of a hat I'd just pass out. Something about being a cog in the system made me supersleepy. There was nothing for me to do but wait and sit. I wasn't concerned that my bag was gonna get stolen or whatever because no one goes stealing in the criminal courthouse. I had nothing to do. There was nothing I could do. And something about being so ingrained in a system just lulled me into narcolepsy or something cause I passed out maybe 10x.

OK I know this is getting really gabby but one last story. This weirdness is sort of hard to describe but I'll try.

On the way out, I had to wait on line to pick up my camera from the confiscation coat check or whatever and the woman in front of me was getting her cellphone (it had a camera built in). People have to sign a clipboard thing and then they give you your stuff back. When the guy held out the clipboard thing for her to sign she said, QUOTE "Can you turn it around? I can't write straight." So he turned it around so it was upsidedown to her and she signed her name right on the dotted line perfectly fine but she was writing it upsidedown! My mouth almost hit the floor. Not only because she had to sign her name upsidedown but the security check guy didn't react at all. Like this was some sort of common request. Like crazy upsidedown dyslexia is common or something. I know what I wrote doesn't make sense but that's what happened there.

Anyway! I gotta go back tomorrow 8:45AM

ok bye!


PS. Some nutty girl has been singing Amazing Grace outside my window over and over for like 15 minutes now... Here's a clip.