Dope Charge. Verdict: Guilty

So today I set my alarm bright and early to go back to jury duty. The original summons was for two days. Day one was yesterday. After two mugs of coffay, I headed out in the freezing cold to walk a mile or so down the street to the courthouse for day two. I got there right on time 8:45AM.

I walk in to the place and I see lots of people sitting through the same orientation video I saw the day before. I wasn't sure if I needed to sit there so I asked the guard if I needed to sit through orientation for my Day 2. He said I could skip it and go back to the juror's lounge and sit there. So I went back to the lounge and sat down. There was like 6 people in there with me. I immediately knew something was wrong. Where was everyone? There should be like 100 of us! All of a sudden I realized I never really got concrete instructions for Day 2. I just sort of assumed it would be just like Day 1. Was I in the wrong room?

A few more people trickle in and I ask one chick if she's here for Day 2. She told me that she was "on a jury already". On a jury already?? I didn't like the sound of that. I wasn't on a jury. Not even close. What was going on? Maybe I slept too much yesterday?

All I remember from yesterday is them calling my name at 3ish and telling me to pick up a receipt and that I could go home because I was dismissed. But where was that receipt paper thing? I don't really remember looking at it. I do remember looking at the TGIFridays coupon that came along with it which I read front and back.

I thought it was weird getting an TGIFridays ad thing in with my court paper or whatever. I guess it distracted me from reading the actual court letter thing that they gave me on the way out. I just stuffed that in my pocket and forgot about it. I just assumed it was a 'you're done for today. see you tomorrow' thing or whatever.

Anyway back to this morning, I hung out for like 1/2 hour then finally got up and asked the court guy if I was in the right place. He asked me if I got a dismissal letter yesterday. I told him I did but I didn't bring it with me. He told me I didn't have to bring with me-- and in fact I didn't even have to bring me with me because it was a DISMISSAL LETTER! I was done! Jury Duty over! Somehow I missed that part yesterday when they read off my name telling me I was done and handed me a letter saying I was done and dismissed.  Couldn't I have read the friggin letter instead of the TGIFriday's thing!!?

Does it get any plainer than this?

I just couldn't read it... just couldn't do it could I... just couldn't overcome my ADD for 5 frickin seconds!

The thing that's sort of extra embarrassing is that a bunch of people yesterday asked alot of dopey questions. Like at one point we were told to just hand in Part A of something and some woman raised her hand and asked 'Part A?' The guy was like, 'Only Part A, people!' There was a bunch of dopey people with dopey questions like that all through the day. I was like all rolling my eyes like, 'Man, some people are so dopey! They just don't know how to pay attention!'

... but I ain't seen not one of those "dopes" back there this morning.

ok bye!