Moldy Memory Lane

So today I decided to clean out my little office here because it's so loaded with junk it just needed an overhaul and a throw out crap kind of day. I was going through this and that with a large garbage bag making junkgod decisions about what lives on and what gets the ax and ends up in the trash, when I stumbled across my old business card box from my dotcom days! 

I kept it on my desk at work and collected my business cards in it. I was in bizdev during the highpoint of dotcom days and I was sort of psyched to go through all the old business cards and see how many companies were still around and what I can remember and all the dopey meetings I had. 

Here's the box:

(By the way not sure what I'm gonna do with those ancient zip discs. Do they qualify as garbage?)

Anyway, I was really sort of psyched to go through this box and revisit the olden days when I ran around doing nothing waiting to become a millionaire.... 

but I pop open the box and this is what I see:

GROSS! They're totally like contaminated! Sucks because that card right on top just for starters is from a company called iCast! That place is totally gone! How many others? How many other dotcom memories are lost due to the mildy situation! What's down in there? Lost to the ages because I think I'm way too disgustified to poke around in the mold. Plus I got a psychosomatic headache while breathing whatever that is in while I took the above picture. So...

Wait I got an idea! Hold on one sec! I got an idea!

Remember this mask thing I bought of eBay a while ago?

That one! I'm gonna open it up and put it on and get some tweezers or something and go thru this gross box! One sec...

Is this on right? I guess it should work for the mold. Ok here we go.

Ok I got my tweezers. Maybe I'm being too germ phobic but whatever. At least I get to use my cool mask!


Ok just went thru the box. Alot of the cards were stuck together but here's a listing of some of the ones that I managed to extract. And I checked up on them and checked my memory about them:

Status: Now redirects to

I remember I went on an interview there and this chick treated me like I was a dick. She made me wait 1/2 hour before she met with me. And she kept interrupting me by saying 'Uh huh. Right...' I also remember they had a blowfish in a tank and everyone seemed to be doing nothing.


Status: Still around. they're pretty big.  

I think when I was at atomfilms I put together some sort of bogus even-exchange deal with them so we could do a press release. Glad they're still doing stuff.

Emblaze Systems 

Status: Seem to still be going along.

I remember this company acted like they were saving the world by bringing video to cellphones. Something about them felt a little shady at the time. Like the whole place survived based on skimming off the top. 

Status: Gone

I think I met this dude at a trade show or something. He acted like he held the secret keys to the kingdom. I never figured out who he thought he knew and for what and why.


Status: Gone 

I remember this company being kind of cool. They had the right vibe but they were doomed.. I forgot what we were talking about in our meetings. Something about college campuses. 

Status: Redirects to

No idea who they were. 

Status: Still alive

I remember they had some kind of public flameout because they made up a press release or something. Mr. Wong and stuff.

Status: Still alive

They sold like high end photography or something. Had some crazy euro money behind them from somewhere or something. Not sure how they're still around.

Status: Gone

I remember Apple computer forced them to change their name. So they changed it to Flycode. I remember that place was all buzzing because they thought they were gonna be as big as napster! I remember in one meeting with them, out of nowhere, some MBA chick asked me where I went to college. Then soon after went out of business.

Status: Gone 

This was some company that was gonna like deliver promotions to a desktop app or something? I remember the file size for the install was really small. It was one of those things that no one ever asked for. Oh well. I think I smoked a cigar with the owner after our meeting.

Status: Gone

They were a p2p program that got pretty popular. Then something happened. Then it got worse. Then they went away. I remember I used the program for a little while.


Status: Still going semi-strong. 

I remember I was out there when they first went public and everyone was on fire for palm. People were all lit up because they were paper rich.

Status: Gone.

This was some site that featured like viral clips or something. It was like reality video site or whatever. I remember they had a nice office with nice furniture.


Status: Still around. 

This was the last place I interviewed at when I was looking for a biz dev job. They made me take a personality test. At the time their motto was something like 'the business for the internet boom'. At this point the boom was way over and I asked if they planned to change their motto. They looked at me like I was a jerk. I didn't get job.

Status: Still around.

I don't remember much about them but I think a hot chick ran the place.

Status: Gone

I guess being generic wasn't the way to go. Don't remember what they were.

Last but least...

Status: Gone

I loved Kozmo when they were in business. For like $8.00 total someone would deliver a video and a pint of ice cream and big bag of Doritos and refuse to take a tip. Done and done. I interviewed there and I remember the woman who interviewed me told me her stock strike price which was like $1.00. She told me my strike price would $9.00. Then she smiled. My job would have been to increase orders during the day. 

Kozmo was by far the biggest disaster of an office I'd ever seen. No one was answering the main phone in the reception area (it just rang and rang) where I sat waiting to be interviewed for 40 minutes. I heard someone yell out angry, 'Is someone gonna get the phone?' Like we were in someone's house or something. Some guy dragged a old lady cart of potato chips thru the main area. The first door you saw had a scribbled note that said 'This Is An Office!' Whatever that meant. It was mayhem and buffoonery all around. I didn't get the job.

ANYWAY, there were a bunch of other cards but most of em were unfamiliar to me at this point. So now all those moldy cards are in the garbage. I'm still wearing the mask because it's weirdly comfortable but I gotta take it off before I get too comfortable in it. This whole experience has been borderline way germphobic. 

Thanks for strolling with me down dotcom memory lane. Didn't mean to get all negative on that time period. I really did dig the scene big time at the time.

Ok back to cleaning!

ok bye!