Caught Looking at Boobs

I got caught looking at boobs today. I didn't mean it. I was sitting around a table with a few people and this one girl who I didn't really know was wearing a tight shirt that said 'Rookie'. Not sure why it said 'Rookie'. I read her shirt and started thinking about why her shirt might say 'Rookie'. What message is she trying to convey? Rookie... then I realized that in my head I was just making up an excuse to look at her boobs. And I realized that whole time I was thinking about 'Rookie' I was just flat out staring at her boobs. I had that moment sort of like when you're driving and you realize you've been looking at the radio way too long. I was surprised because I'm usually good with looking at boobs and not getting caught. Like I'll point at that thing over there and when they look at it.. I look.. sort of thing. Or a glance. Or I use my peripheral vision to its maximum. But today I was just flat out busted. And embarrassed. 

I tried to make light of it by asking her what 'Rookie' meant. But somehow I just think it made the situation worse. She did that move where a chick crosses her arms to sort of cover up. I felt bad that I made her uncomfortable but what the hell! She has writing on her shirt! It said, 'Rookie'! I wanted to say I had a momentary lapse because I didn't understand the shirt. What am I not supposed to read her shirt? Maybe I'm a slow reader. Maybe that's why I was looking for so long. How does she know? Maybe I was sounding it out in my head. Ruh.. ruh... ook... etc...

Sometimes I think chicks don't realize the lure of the boobs. Especially in the summer time. Are we not supposed to not look at all? Or is it ok to look as long as we don't get caught? Or is there a time limit on this? One second.. that's enough.. move on? Is there more leeway if there is writing on the shirt? It's just difficult to resist and sometimes you're not even conscious about it. They're constant distractions. Like when a chick fixes her bra strap and you see what color the bra is. It just takes you completely out of the conversation. It makes you think about ...stuff. Nothing specific usually. Just...stuff. And sometimes it just blanks my mind.

I wondered maybe when I get older like 95 years old or something, would I stop looking at boobs? Does this ever wear off? But that question was answered today when I saw this old man hanging out and staring at these young chicks as they walked by. He was totally staring at their boobs with no shame. What a frickin pervert...

ok bye!