Axe Ad Awe

So not sure if these are national or what but for the last few months we in nyc have been completely drenched in ads for Axe overall body spray cologne. Subway ads, bus ads, and tv here and there. The ads basically say not only if you buy Axe will you get a girl...but multiple girls! AND you'll turn into some sort of sexual dynamo superstud! A sample ad is like a couch with like shock absorbers built in. <wink wink> Another is an apartment frontdoor with a 'Take a Number' thing on it. That kind of stuff. They're kind of funny. Check out their site if you want the Axe gist.

Now maybe I'm a bit too cynical or whatever but I'm guessing that an overall bodyspray can't possible be responsible for me getting five girls in bed at the same time. In any case, I'm just not the target audience for Axe overall body spray. I'm just not a body spray kind of guy. But I sort of wondered about these blatant 'be a stud' ads everywhere. Were they working?? I mean does some guy see the ad and say to himself, "Hey! I like girls! And whipped cream! And I like whipped cream and girls too!!" ..and run out and buy the Axe spritz? Do chicks like Axe? Would a girl be happy to hear a guy is wearing Axe? I figured these ads couldn't really be working.... Could they? I mean the ads are funny? But do they sell stuff?

Well yesterday I went into the Rite-Aid to do some shopping and I saw a big floor display for Axe Spray. It was pretty much sold out! Only two or three bottles left in a case that probably held 40 bottles. I go down the aisle to get some deodorant and see that Axe is pretty much sold out there too. In the soap there's Axe something or other. Sold out. Just a few stray bottles here and there. So what does this mean? Sold. Friggin. Out. Almost totally.

It made me realize how out of touch I really am because I looked at these ads and figured they couldn't work. If my Rite-Aid is a barometer for how Axe ads are doing, Axe is like doing a booming business with their spritz sales. Why? How? Will I get 3 girls in my shower by using an overall body spray and walking around all smellyaxe? I really do doubt it. Doubt it as much as a thing can be doubted.. But I gotta admit I was wowed by the lack of Axe at the Rite-Aid. Stunned actually.

I am curious to know how chicks feel about Axe (I doubt I'd ever buy it. I never really wear cologne. Should I?) but I am curious to know the chick take. Or Axe opinions. Or whatever. Just fascinated by the Axe on this lazy afternoon. Post here if you wanna..

ok bye!


PS. Here's another Axe oriented site.

PPS. No I am not being paid by Axe. (Although I would be happy to take their money if they would like to send some.)