Slobby Friend on Thin Ice

I'm a relatively neat person. I clean alot because it's a good  procrastination technique or whatever- plus I'm very afraid of bugs. Anyway, I got this friend who comes over here once every couple weeks or so and we hang out. But every friggin time this person leaves I find I'm cleaning up a mess!I like hanging out or whatever but when he leaves there's always like pistachio nut shells on the floor. Or gum on the table. Or potato chips all over the floor. Or half full can of beer somewhere. Or yesterday he made a bowl of Fruity Pebbles and there were friggin Fruity Pebbles on my kitchen floor!

We've fought about this a bunch of times. After he leaves and I see crap on the floor I'll call up and be like, 'Dude! If you're gonna come over here and hang out you gotta stop dropping stuff all over my floor! I don't like crumbs and crap everywhere! Clean up your crap!' But over and over again there's a mess of sorts. And I'll pick up the phone and yell and we'll fight about it. Last night I called up and yelled, 'If you spill Fruity Pebbles on my floor- clean them up! I'm not your f**kin maid! I just walked in my kitchen and crunched pebbles!' He told me it wasn't his fault cause the bag was ripped. I just hung up.

So I'm thinking about banning this person from my apartment. I don't like cleaning up pistachio shells, potato chips or vacuuming up Fruity Pebbles! Maybe I'm being a girl or whatever (no offense girls) but whatever! When I go to people's places I try to not mess stuff up! Is it so hard not to spill? Can I end a friendship over crumbs, shells, gum and chips? I'm getting to that point! I'll tell you that! You know who you are! You got one more chance! One more mess and I have one less friend! Kapeesh!?

ok bye!


PS Ok maybe that's a little harsh but stop messing up my place! Done and done! Look at what it's come to!