Why T-Mobile is Dumb

So I've been on T-Mobile for the past year. I switched from AT&T last year because I got in a big fight with them (long story). They were dicks. Anyway I  switched to T-Mobile a year ago and they gave me a free phone for signing up. They gave me this phone.

The two main problems with this phone are: #1. it sucks. #2. it sucks extra.

When I talk on this phone people ask me if I'm calling from Yankee Stadium or something because it picks up every little bit of background noise and amplifies it. And when this phone bounces around in my bag it dials people at random and connects. Then I'll get a phonecall from someone in my phonebook who'll say something like, 'Hey! Thanks for calling me during lunch! How was the grilled cheese?' Because they heard my whole lunch conversation on their voicemail. Of course this gives me paranoia that it's always on or calling someone on its own (I know there's a keypad lock but that's a pain in the ass). Plus it's got a dumb camera that sucks.

SO for the past year I've been really looking forward to my contract ending- because when you renew a contract you get a new free phone. My contract was up like March 1st or something. I called T-Mobile in mid-February and told them my contract was expiring soon and I wanted a new phone. They told me to call back after my contract expires. So earlier this month, I called back and told them I need to renew and asked what kind of phone I could get. The snoozy customer service guy just told me to just go to a T-Mobile store. He had like no interest in signing me up or dealing with my new phone excitement.

SO I walked down the street to the wireless store which was an 'official T-Mobile' store but also had other providers. (Btw, how slim shady is the wireless phone business? Two businesses that are super slim shady--- wireless phone stores and mattress stores.) Anyway, the guy tells me if I switch to Cingular I could get this cool Motorola phone with video and all this crap with the rollover minutes etc blah blah. So I switched to Cingular. Got the cool phone. Cancelled T-Mobile.

SO the reason why T-Mobile is dumb is they let this customer just wander out the door. The couple times I called them to renew my contract and get a free phone, I felt like I just walked into a restaurant and no one came over to seat me. So I just walked across the street and went to Chez Cingulare. (Plus I now get to text vote for American Idol! PS. Mario is a greedy jerk.)

SO T-Mobile people, here's my free advice because I'm nice!

- Put an 'early renewal contract policy' in place so people can get their free phone early. I would have signed up for 2 years if you just gave me a new phone. You were gonna give it to me anyway.

- Upon renewal add minutes to my current plan. Throw in an extra 100 minutes or whatever free for my customer loyalty.

- When people answer the phone over there tell them to act like they care a little bit. Teach them how to fake it at least. Your main priority should be keeping customers... or do I not understand business.

And stop being dopes. You just lost a customer because you were too lazy to get off your ass and walk over to the shelf and get me a dang new phone to replace the POS you sent me in the first place! Get with the program! Can you hear me now?

ok bye!