Windows Key Pop

So I don't like the windows keys on the keyboard. (A windows key is that key with a microsoft window on it at the bottom row left and right on some keyboards.) I don't use em and I don't like em.  The windows key has been screwing me up for years. During video games I might accidentally hit the windows key and it takes me out of the game back to my desktop. Sometimes when I'm typing things all of a sudden somehow something the Start menu will pop up and I'll have to stop typing and click the mouse to get back to what I was doing. I think it does some other mysterious things that I never want to have happen. It's a small annoyance I know but every time I hit the windows key by accident I'll be like, 'Uch! Friggin stupid dummy windows key! I hate you! Go away!'

So after a decade of non-use of the windows key (with a sole purpose of interfering with whatever I'm doing) today I solved the problem. It took me ten years to think of a solution but all of a sudden it dawned on me. I realized this keyboard is MY keyboard! It's not some company's keyboard! It's not some loaner! It's mine! For me! I took a pen and... Pop! Pop! I popped those windows keys right out of my keyboard! They really popped off satisfyingly good too. Flying windows keys flew over each shoulder. Gone for good! No threat no more. Obsolete! Now I'm free to be as sloppy as a typer I want! Bye bye forever stupid windows keys! 

Done and done! 

ok bye!


PS. Here's photos and more story to the story here.