Pictures for the Week

I walked around yesterday and took a bunch of pictures and here they are:

Bat Out of Bolton on vinyl hanging out in an empty newspaper box. 

We're currently being inundated with ads for NYC to host the 2012 olympics. I haven't spoken to anyone yet who is enthusiastic about the olympics being here. Most people don't want it. Guess the dopey ads aren't working. Also not sure why they need to bother to advertise in the first place. It's not like we're gonna vote on it.

That guy was standing there doing that. Back scratching or getting ready to smash smash?

I was taking a picture of the Mery Christmas on the ground. Then these two chicks walked up and stood on it. So that was that.

Ganesha. Saying hi to all the passersby.

Check out this ridiculous CVS! Are you kidding?

Boring building. Sorta looks like The Office.

Mosaic face. One of a whole bunch on a big subway mural.

Red Lobster worshipping capitalism. 

Someone putting on her face.

After I took this picture a nice japanese lady asked me to take a picture of her in front of some stuff. I took like five pictures of her in Times Square. I was like 'Work it! Work it, girl! Fierce!' (I started to wonder if she was one of those scammy grassroots marketing people. Who ask you to take a picture with their camera then say, 'This camera is awesome... let me tell you about it.') But she wasn't. She was just a nice japanese lady. Not a scammer.

Spot the Naked Cowboy.

I stepped into the old Howard Johnson's in Times Square for a grilled cheese and coke. This place is like a time warp.

Then you step out of the Hojos emptiness this. The barricade was for teens waiting outside MTV for the TRL show.

This chick had this sign.

A second attempt to take the picture came out like this which looks weird. Not sure what happened to the writing.

Who left this thang there? Come get it and put it back in your backyard!

That's it!

ok bye!