Weekend Pictures

Here's the school around the corner. Budget cuts are starting to show.

Hydrant go fall over boom on street. I sort of wanted to take it home. How often can you snag a free hydrant?

See woman? See rat painter? See umm... Bast?

Who's that?!

And them?!

They're part of that! Coolio!

A blessing on Phone Sign's head from Pope One Way.

I liked this picture too.

Church parade heading down the main street in my naybe first thing Saturday morning. I was inside just waking up and heard stuff going on outside so went outside to check it out.

They headed past the Blockbuster on the block.

This guy wanted me to take his picture so I did.

These guys too.

And these dudes...

And off they went...

Always coolio waking up to a parade.

ok bye!