Messed Up Cup O Noodles

So last night it was dinner time and I looked in my kitchen and I was down to the bare minimum in supplies. I had cereal but no milk. I had tuna fish but no bread. I had crackers but no cheese. I had ice cream but I'm getting fat again and this didn't seem like a good dinner. So I remembered that under the sink I had one of those big dozen packs of Cup O Noodles (beef). I decided to have Cup O Noodles for dinner. Here's how you can totally like mess up while making Cup O Noodles.

I put my whistling teapot on the stove and cranked up the burner. Then I went in the other room and played some Wolfenstein and listened to some music. At one point during a break in the game I heard my whistle whistling it's head off. I had totally forgot about it. It was super boiling so I go and shut off the burner and move the teapot over. Then I open up the top of the Cup O Noodles half-way and get it ready for the water. So far so good right?

But see what I did was set the styrofoam cup of noodles on the burner that was just on and poured in the boiling water. Then I turn to the sink and dump out the rest of the water. And while I'm doing this I hear a sizzling and I thought to myself, "hmm... my Cup of Noodles is sizzling ...and it smells weird. That's odd." I turn to look at it and see the Cup O Noodles cup slowly melting down into my stove. I had set the frickin cup on the hot burner that just had the teapot on it. And before I had a chance to get to it I see the bottom of the cup break open and the Cup O Noodles spill all down into the burner and into my stove.  I go to pull the cup off of the burner but it's like melted in pretty well and stuck to it. I'm just staring at it shaking my head.  With an oven mitt I took the whole burner grate off with the melted Cup O Noodles cup still attached and threw that in the sink and looked at the stove mess.

Not only would I have to unfuse the cup from the grate but there were lots of noodles and 'soup' and little peas and carrots all down into my stove. I opened the hood of the stove and started cleaning it up and while I was doing that I brushed against where the fire comes out of and burned the side of my hand. I had to say fuck it at that point and I went back into the other room to finish my video game.

After an hour or so I cleaned up the mess and then started again. It pretty much sucked... and by the way so do Cup O Noodles.

ok bye!