Bad CVS Pit Stop 

So on Saturday I was on the way back from the movies. It was pouring rain and I decided to duck into the CVS and buy a cheapee umbrella. Probably the 10,000th umbrella I've owned.  I picked a little green umbrella from the batch and headed to pay. 

There were two open cashiers and a customer at each. I stood sort of inbetween the two to pick whichever opens up first. One line deal. A fork in the CVS cashier road. Then some dude walked up with his stuff and stood directly next to me. Shoulder to shoulder! Like he was starting his own line. Now my cashier was on the left and his was on the right. We had a slight unspoken tension. I revved my on line engine. If his register (on the right) opened up first I sure as hell was taking it. I was there first! Did he think if that register opened up it was his? I closely monitored the progress of both registers.

Finally one customer was finished and the cashier on the right said 'Next!' He made a move to step up but I was one step ahead and I crossed infront of him to take the register. He said, 'Oh go ahead...' like I needed his permission! Jerk. If he hadn't noticed I WAS NEXT! I go up to the register and put down my umbrella. Immediately my cashier opens up the top of her register to change her papertape. It had that red line showing it was running out. I was horrified! The other cashier said 'next' and my archenemy struts up there. Definitely noticing my tape situation (as far as my mentalness was concerned). My cashier turned around and dug in a box to get fresh tape and thread it. I was burning. And of course, she had trouble threading it and it got jammed. I wanted to say 'Why did you call 'next' if you had a tape situation!? Clear the tape thing first then call next! Don't you realize you're making me lose!'

To my frowniness, my archenemy got rung up super quick and he was out the door before me-- shooting me a satisfied look as he walked by. My cashier was still fumbling with the tape. It was a terrible loss. I headed out of the CVS all grumpy, yanked off the umbrella condom, threw it in trash, ripped off the tag, thru it into the trash and opened up my umbrella ...which turned out to be far smaller than I expected. It was dinky. Dainty. Barely covering both shoulders. 

So I walked home all disgruntled under my sally umbrella thinking about how much happier I would have been if I just continued toughing out the rain.

ok bye!