Fidgety Punishment-y

So today I went to the CVS again. I had to buy some regular stuff and I was proud of myself for remembering to buy lots of extra things too. Things I've been forgetting or neglecting to buy for months. Hangers, masking tape, and eyeglass repair kit. Weird randoms. I felt like I covered the bases and closed the door on all those little things that I keep kicking myself for fergetting. I even remembered to buy sponges! Bang! I was proud of myself.

Anyway, I'm standing on line (happily a regular single line) and I got all fidgety as per usual. I'm a fidgeter. I always need to be doing something while doing nothing. Anything while standing around. Reading brochures or fine print on some poster. Going thru my wallet. Whatever. But at the CVS there was nothing interesting enough to stare at. I was too far from the magazine rack. I needed some distraction. I was standing next to a display of sunscreen lotions. Coppertone, Hawaiian Tropic, and CVS brand. I decided to entertain myself by smelling them all.

I popped the pop tops one by one to smell them. It gave them each a gentle squeeze to get a whiff. It was like, 'Hmm... that  one smells like coconut... (next. pop.) Hmm.. this one also smells alot like umm.. coconut... (next. pop.) hmm.. what's the smell on this one? coconut? coconut perhaps... (next...) I was sort of zoning out absentmindedly passing the time doing my smelly game-- when all of a sudden GLOP! A big bubble of sunscreen burps out of the CVS brand sunscreen right up my friggin nostril! It like coated the whole inside with gross sunscreen! I grabbed my shirt and started to blow my nose into it. I didn't care. I needed that stuff out of my nose! It felt weird and cold and up my nose! I kind of attacked my nose with my shirt until I was satisfied that I got enough of the glop out of my honker. It was totally gross... as was I I'm sure..

When I looked up, sure enough a couple people were looking over at me. I'm sure I just looked like a freak with a nose issue who's willing to blow his nose in his shirt. Gross. So I just stood there and totally stopped fidgeting. I didn't have to anymore. I had something else to do. Act normal. 

That was sort of an activity.

ok bye!